My first day at AC4S technologies

//My first day at AC4S technologies

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Hello readers, my name is Tea’andre Betts-Nunez and I am rising-senior attending Jefferson high school and have recently become one of two interns here at AC4S technologies. To say the least, so far this experience is most definitely not what I had expected. I believed that I’d be sitting in office, in a hard chair mindlessly staring at my computer for six weeks. But that is gladly not what I have experienced so far. On my first day I arrived at the office a tad bit too early, my shift begins at 8:30 and I arrived roughly around 7:30, and I was stuck outside, but gladly one of my co-workers, Adam, let me in. And in my head, I was a little nervous as any teen would be going into their first day at work, ever. So as the time grew closer to the time 8:30 more and more of my co-workers began to come in to the office.
I politely greeted each one of them and learned that their names were, Steve, Michael, Adam, Barry, Allie, and Tara – my supervisor. And not to mention I met the CEO not too much later on but I feel as if I left a good footprint in his mind so that is perfect. But little did I know that my first day in the office was going to be something foreign to my imagination.
Everyone in the office have amazing attitudes as well as their “moments’. I do not call it moments to offend anyone, I call it moments because, at times they are serious, but they find the best moments to crack jokes. And that was the best thing that I could have asked for. It was the most fun that I have ever had in a business environment, EVER. Although yes there was work to be completed, why would there not be, I did thoroughly enjoy myself in this friendly environment.
And that was my first day at AC4S technologies? 🙂


Hello readers, I am back with my weekly blog for another week. There is no longer two interns here, I am the only one due to unforeseen circumstances. Regardless, this past week has still been as great as my first week was. Get this, Michael brought in donuts on Wednesday!

On the work related side of things, I have gotten a lot done. I have certified in both google ads display as well as google ads search, and I am in the midst of developing a plan to prose to my co-workers and supervisor that regards google ads, and the benefits that we can achieve through google ads. Not to mention with the google ads project possibly coming to fruition, I am going to have to redesign or find a way to make our website more attractive if I plan on going with the google ads search kind of thing. Either that or I could leave are web-page as is and focus on receiving calls as well as emails which could potentially lead to leads. I have also analyzed our current services pricing system and I have found out that, although most companies that work in managed services go with the “per-user” approach, we have a different way of approaching the pricing system to ensure customer satisfaction.

With all of that, along with training and certification in both Google ads and Google analytics, that was my week, thank you for reading! I hope that you have a great rest of your week. 🙂

Week 3

Hi readers I am now going into my third week here at AC4S technologies, and to be completely honest things have been running smoothly lately. Now that I have certified in Google ads I have developed a monthly marketing campaign through google ads which I am due to present to the CEO in the coming future. If you are asking, yes it is going to be nerve racking to present my idea to the CEO of the company, but I believe that my recent training has made me the best candidate to deliver this presentation and idea. We lack leads in general and loyal customers, and that is exactly what google ads can provide us with.

But besides training and certification, I shadowed the office, looking at the tech side of things and how they work out their tickets, what programs they use and how they utilize those programs to both our benefit and our customers. I also practiced and learned how they pack and program the computers for their customers so it is much easier for them to unpackage and get to work instantly. I learned quite a few things last week, as far as the real world business environment, business IT problems, as well as how to solve my personal computer issues. Michael, one of my co-workers, delivers the best advice that I have ever heard in my life. It is not personal life advice, it is more of future job related advice, as well as advice as a marketer later on in life as that is what I aspire to do later in life eventually becoming a marketing manager, and maybe becoming the CFO of a company. Before coming into this job I had been experienced in the area of solidarity, but never in a business environment. So I came in with the idea that I would have heads to bounce off of. But I am the only marketer here, so being alone and having to come up with ideas on my own was purely different not so much a challenge. It has taken me a while to get used to this aspect, but getting used to it now at this age is inevitably giving my a extra step over my competition. But Michael told me that during most of my marketing career I would be working alone, or that I would be literally the only marketer in a small company and that I would have to prove my worth as a marketer to the company. That had opened my eyes in this field, so thanks to that I am looking at everything through the lens that entails everything as a “learning experience.” There is something to be taken away from anything, no matter the incident.

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