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Free IT Assessments


Are you currently using Office 365, but don’t have Microsoft Certified Partner helping you along the way? Would you like to know if you are getting the most bang for your buck? Are you and your organization on the right licenses and plans?

Or, are you interested in switching to Office 365, but aren’t sure which plan is best for you?

We want to provide you with a free assessment and consultation, giving you feedback regarding your current structure and what improvements (if any) can possibly be made. Our team of experts have the experience and insight to make sure that you are on the right plan with the right features, and also help make any transitions seamless.

Let us be your go-to partner and we can significantly reduce your IT spend, and help you and your team improve efficiency and promote better collaboration.

Why utilize a Microsoft Certified Partner?

  • We have experience behind us, helping us make the best possible recommendations for you and your business
  • We are here 24/7 to answer questions, help with any issues, and keeping an eye on your service health
  • We have 24-hour access to Microsoft support, allowing us to better service your needs