Week 4

             Having recently passed the half way point in my internship, things have been rather smooth. But things have been quite slow, on my end at least. But on the tech side of things have sped up surprisingly, because the summer season is pretty slow for tech companies. But this “slow” season has been packed for the advertising companies, I have been trying to set something up to whether it be a billboard, or outside advertising… everything has been booked completely in Tampa.  I have been considering trying for a more rural/suburban area to advertise, but the benefits, in my opinion are not worth the price that the companies are asking for.  The area will be less populated, which would inevitably result in less impressions, which sadly leads to less people coming to our company for our services.

           But heading into my second to last week here at AC4S technologies I have learned so much from this internship, which I will get much more into once I begin to head into my last week here. But week 4 was a slower week than usual for me so there was not much to write about, sorry guys. But I hope you all had a great week. See you all next week

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