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AC4S Technologies provides a variety of cloud services to help bring your organization into the world of the cloud. From helping you migrate your data, to helping you implement Office 365 and customize SharePoint, we develop your cloud solutions to fit your needs and support your growth goals.


Office 365 is that same familiar Office you know and love, but with some new features, and more importantly, a few great new benefits.

Office 365 gives you the freedom to be productive wherever, whenever, using the familiar Office apps. With the ability to easily access, edit, and share your files from any device, you can get work done in the office and on the go, online or off.

Online or off, you can quickly and easily access and edit your documents from anywhere so you can always be connected to your important business information.

Also, because your work is happening on all types of devices, these Office apps have been optimized for tablets and smartphones to empower businesses to have the freedom to work from anywhere, online or offline, while enjoying a great mobile experience.

With Office 365, you’ll never have to ‘upgrade’ your Office apps again. Office 365 keeps you up to date with new features and tools, so you can always deliver your best work. The latest innovation, features, and capabilities are updated to your Office apps every month, so you’ll always have the most up to date software making manual software updates and productivity downtime a thing of the past.

Office 365 gives you anywhere, anytime access to your work, helping you stay productive and in sync wherever the day takes you so you can work together on the same document with your co-workers or customers.

Office Online allows users to collaborate on documents using real-time co-authoring. This means everyone can contribute and edit documents simultaneously in their online Office apps. Real-time presence helps you see where your co-authors are working in the document so that you don’t save multiple version of the same copy, or edit a document that is out of date. Additionally, the ability to see changes to text and formatting as they happen will help you and your co-authors stay on the same page as your ideas develop and evolve.

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Every business wants to take full advantage of the resources it already has—its people, its data, and its technologies.

We can help you do it with Microsoft SharePoint.

By supporting collaboration and content management, SharePoint can quickly help organizations solve challenges around lost productivity due to disconnected people and teams, slow turnarounds, untapped or underused expertise, and even outdated IT systems that are difficult to scale.

SharePoint offers across-the-board features to help your company and your people share and store ideas and information—everything from streamlining common tasks to powering business intelligence to making it easy to keep track of what colleagues are doing.

  • Share ideas, content, and vision through robust and intuitive social features, document libraries, activity feeds, and Microsoft SkyDrive Pro—a part of SharePoint.
  • Organize teams and tasks with simplified systems for tracking information, setting permissions, and sharing sites and documents inside and outside your organization.
  • Discover answers and insights by taking better advantage of the data and expertise you already have.
  • Build the portals, apps, and sites your business needs—without requiring customized development—with the new SharePoint app model and simplified intranet design.
  • Manage costs and meet the demands of compliance with SharePoint’s efficient file input/output, reporting, and analytics features.

AC4S Technologies has deep experience with SharePoint. Our specialists can give you a firsthand look at the capabilities in the latest version of SharePoint and discuss how its unique strengths can be used to support your people and grow your business.


Your data is valuable. Backing up your data to ensure business continuity is Business 101. Catastrophic data loss can cost huge sums of money and,in the worst cases,can cause organizations to go out of business.We offer a range of data backup solutions to keep your data safe.